Gents African Roots Ginger Ale contains 8 percent ginger - two types that are freshly imported from Uganda and processed in a balanced mix. A syrup manufacturer in Eastern Switzerland produces the raw material for this rare and special product. The delicate aroma of green mandarin rounds off the taste of the spicy root. Care is taken to ensure that the ginger roots thrive in the shade of trees so that their aroma is subtle and rounded in contrast to ginger, which grows in fertilized fields under direct sun. Gents African Roots Ginger Ale is a fabulous refreshment, but tastes even better with vodka than Moscow Mule or Bourbon Ginger Ale. The ginger ale with the taste of fresh ginger. The processed ginger forms a slight sediment, which is loosened by gently shaking the soil. The sediment is important for the taste and flow of this ginger ale! Made from water, sugar, ginger extract (Mpigi / Uganda), carbonic acid, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavors Translated by Google Translated by Google

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