A fantastic thirst quencher that can be drunk as it is or enhance the taste of your drink. With or without alcohol. Description: a wonderfully healthy and at the same time mild tonic that does not take over. Handcrafted from local ingredients. The balance between the taste of apple and bitterness makes it a good everyday drink as well as an excellent choice for a first-class gin & tonic. A clear favorite! Tonic Water Apple is insanely good as it is in a glass of ice. And can be mixed in a g&t for more festive occasions. Goes very well with, among other things, g-Gin Österlenfinish. For us as a beverage manufacturer, the product development of non-alcoholic drinks is a welcome challenge. At Skånska Spritfabriken, we have had the privilege of having access to the alcohol it is to be mixed with or replaced. This has been a huge advantage in mixing and tasting. Translated by Google

Product Details

Country of Origin: Sweden

Company: Skånska Spritfabriken

Distiller: --

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