Have a little fun with the citrus addition, guaranteed to make a splash in your next mixed drink. This is a twist on the Troughtons classic tonic. Natural County Armagh spring water is blended with lemon and orange to create this delicate citrus tonic. This clean, crisp citrus blend tonic is an easy way to add some complexity to your drink in one simple pour, adding the zesty flavour through the tonic without any fuss, leaving you to simply celebrate the pleasure of creating your own wonderful beverage. Perfect for cocktails and mocktails on a hot summer afternoon relaxing in the garden – a little pleasure that makes you feel glad to be alive. Contains no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives and with a light version also available, you can enjoy a guilt free tipple. Translated by Google

Product Details

Country of Origin: Ireland

Company: Troughton's Raising Spirits

Distiller: --

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