The trendsetter with a kick

The Herbal Hemp Tonic greyhound is out of line. It is not uncommon for a tonic to contain other ingredients besides quinine, but no one has dared our experiment yet. Instead of flavoring the bitter lemonade with citrus fruits or a spice or looking for a sweet rather than bitter pleasure, we decided to refine it with hemp. The hemp plant is currently on the rise, not in the form of illegal intoxicants, but in natural medicine. Since the legal situation has changed somewhat in this country, far away from cannabis, experiments are now being carried out with hemp in food and luxury foods. We were inspired by this and invented the Herbal Tonic wind chimes with hemp. We use THC-free hemp seeds for this, so that the filler is completely harmless and can even be enjoyed pure as an alternative to conventional lemonades and soft drinks, if desired. Like the classic tonic and dry tonic from Windspiel, it is based on natural mineral water from the Vulkaneifel.

A clever innovation full of potential

With the Herbal Hemp Tonic, the same cocktails and long drinks can be mixed as with the traditional competition. In addition, the green herbal note goes well with the bitterness, which is neither too gentle nor too pronounced thanks to quinine. Rather dry and tart as well as fresh and sparkling, this newcomer honors the classic features and still goes its own way. Those who long for a change will get their money's worth here. The Hemp Tonic from Windspiel goes perfectly with our gins, because it harmonizes with the cinnamon flavor, the juniper notes and the overtones of citrus fruits and lavender.

Product Details

Company: Windspiel Manufaktur GmbH

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