GINferno Spring Tasting 2023

GINferno Spring Tasting 2023


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Gins in the room

goldberg & sons wild berry
GOLDBERG & Sons Wild Berry
the illusionist dry gin
The Illusionist Dry Gin
goldberg & sons tonic water
GOLDBERG & Sons Tonic Water
colonsay gin - cait sith
Colonsay Gin - Cait Sith
feiner kappler gin
Feiner Kappler Gin
crafter’s wild forest gin
Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin
herr friedrich blue edition
Herr Friedrich Blue Edition
manukat naturbummler gin
MANUKAT Naturbummler Gin
the cascara gin
ginferno gin
GINferno GIN
tanqueray no ten
Tanqueray No Ten
tanglin black powder gin
Tanglin Black Powder Gin
kunstwerk old tom
Kunstwerk Old Tom
thommes 506 feuer gin
Thommes 506 Feuer Gin

ErichGIN BarrelAged
unterthurner gin distiller‘s cut 2019 prisma
Unterthurner Gin Distiller‘s Cut 2019 Prisma
bareksten botanical gin
Bareksten Botanical Gin
sir chill gin
Sir Chill Gin
1836 organic barrel aged gin
1836 Organic Barrel Aged Gin
raspmary gin
Raspmary Gin
kaiser hill 16 gin
Kaiser Hill 16 Gin
mos gin spicy mango
MOS Gin Spicy Mango
gin by rena
Gin by Rena

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