Tidal Lines - Illawarra Plum Infused Gin Recipes

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Tidal Lines - Illawarra Plum Infused Gin

Tidal Lines begins as a delicious classic gin recipe, then is infused with native Illawarra plums in French oak ex-wine casks over a period of approximately 12 months. The gin and Illawarra Plum fruit are both poured directly into the casks and married to this unique spirit. Featuring flavors of fresh juniper, rainforest lime, Illawarra plum, cinnamon, angelica root, orris root and many others! What are Illawarra plums? Illawarra Plums are extremely rare bush tucker fruits native to Australia that are packed with antioxidants. They are not grown commercially and are not true plums as we know them. In the UK, distillers make a product called 'sloe gin' which starts out as regular gin but is then infused with sloe berries, a small black and blue fruit. A sloe berry is similar to an Illawarra plum with some very important differences. Sloeberries have no outer seed, are a completely different species, and taste very different. Tidal Lines is an Australian native version of British sloe gin, using Illawarra plums in place of the sloe berries. Australia also has other types of native "plums" such as Davidson plum and Kakadu plum, distinct from the Illawarra plum. Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
NO GIN ABV<37.5%
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Australia

Company: Headlands Distilling Company

Distiller: Headlands Distilling Company

Alcohol Percentage: 32.0%

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