Combining the clever blend of a lively lemon and a delicate bitterness, our Lemon Tonic Water takes you on a journey through a citrus field in Southern Italy. If you don't have the opportunity to jump on the next plane to Syracuse, you can try our Lemon Tonic with a delicious Gin . Tasting notes NOSE: The zest of the lemon brings a nice acidity to the nose.! MOUTH: Straight at the beginning of the mouth, then quite round afterwards.! FINAL: Longer bitterness carried by the ziste (white part of the lemon) Tasting ideas Gin Tonic : Works perfectly with straight London Dry Gin : The Botanist, Citadelle but also with more complex gin Carmina Drouin, Kinobi ... Cognac Tonic: Perfectly balances the fat of VS and VSOP cognacs. (Delamain, Hine ....) ! Whisky Tonic: For the most recalcitrant we recommend to test on highland and/or speyside type whiskies (Glenmorangie...).

Product Details

Country of Origin: France

Company: Hysope

Distiller: --

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