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Herbie Gin Export
+ Oh Deer Tonic Classic + Orange
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Herbie Gin Export
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Herbie Gin Export
+ Oh Deer Tonic Botanical + Orange

A classic and spicy London Dry Gin. Hand-distilled with juniper berries, fresh apples, chamomile blossoms and citrus peel, among other things. A London Dry Gin doesn't mean it's made in London - it means that no artificial flavor, sugar or color has been added after it has been distilled. It is therefore a gin that is characterized by high quality and good workmanship. The special thing about making a London Dry Gin is that all of the flavor has to come from the botanicals that are added during the distillation. In order to bear the title, no flavorings, colorings or anything else may be added. And the sugar content must not exceed 0.1 grams per piece. Liter. It's London Dry Gin that gives the unadulterated taste of juniper with a hint of citrus. By the way, this is the type of gin that most people get familiar with first. Tasting Notes: Nose: Sweet scent of chamomile flowers, juniper, apples and black pepper. Wonderful deep scent of liquorice root. Taste: Sweet notes of cinnamon and fennel seeds and a hint of eucalyptus and spruce. Pleasantly soft alcohol and a long, sweet aftertaste. Botanicals: juniper, apple, chamomile, black pepper Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Denmark

Company: Herbie Gin ApS

Distiller: Herbie Gin ApS

Alcohol Percentage: 40.0%

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