one key gin

Abnormal Group Singapore


One Key Gin 

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There is a New Western Gin in the blue bottle, the contents of which can only be accessed with the appropriate key. In the basis of grain alcohol, juniper, classic botanicals and exotic fruits mix into an exclusive experience that your tongue has definitely not tasted. The distinctive juniper immediately fills the air, accompanied by a grainy sweetness and pleasant fruitiness of orange and lemon. Above this is a fine sharpness that mixes with light floral notes. The palate can then look forward to a wonderful composition of fresh exotic fruit, fine spice of coriander and cardamom. In addition, there is the beautiful sharpness of pepper and ginger, which is gently intercepted by floral notes. The juniper steps discreetly into the background and makes room for a peppery, fresh and intensely fruity, but not sweet, firework in the finish. Translated by Google

Product Details

Country of Origin: Singapore

Alcohol Percentage: 40.0%

Company: Abnormal Group Singapore

Type: Gin


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