The Cucumber Tonic Water is incredibly fresh and very subtly round. While drinking our Cucumber Tonic Water, you will have the impression to crunch on the cucumber. Known to accompany the Gin Tonic, the cucumber reduces the bitterness of the juniper present in the Gin. The perfect "Summer Drink"! Tasting notes NOSE: Floral and fresh. Cucumber present but subtle. MOUTH: Salty and fresh FINAL: Very light bitterness Tasting ideas Gin Tonic : goes well with Herbaceous Gins and some London Dry Gin : Hendricks, The Botanist, Gunpowder!! Tequila Tonic: the cucumber reveals touches of agaves. A pure delight.! Accompanies herbaceous white spirits.

Product Details

Country of Origin: France

Company: Hysope

Distiller: --

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