Monkey in a Bottle Recipes

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Monkey in a Bottle
+ Schweppes Dry Tonic Water
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Monkey in a Bottle
+ Limestone Tonic Water Organic + Orange
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Monkey in a Bottle
+ J.Gasco Dry Bitter Tonic + Orange
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Monkey in a Bottle
+ Orange

The name giver for the London Dry Gin from the small town of Aarau is the baobab tree or its fruits, from which the baobab powder is made, among other things. The baobab gives, among other things, the wonderfully balanced acidity. Juniper, followed by citrus fruits and a slightly spicy finish give the Monkey in a Bottle an incomparable character. The project was born out of love for gin which unites the two brothers-in-law M. Stampfli and J. Hächler. The two have worked out the recipe in over 27 attempts on a home distillery. The gin is distilled in Aargauische Muhen by the recognized whiskey manufacturer Urs Lüthy. Gin meets whiskey and it works! We use a total of 15 different botanicals, 13 of which we disclose accordingly. JUNIPERBERRIES (RESINY, BITTER, SWEET, SPICY) / BAOBAB, OUR STAR AFTER THE JUNIPER - MONKEY TREE FRUIT (FRUITY, SWEET, SOUR) / ANGELIKA (SPICY, TART AND SWEET) / FLAVORED PEPPER (CITRIC) / MADAGASCAR PEPPER (SPICY, FRUITY) / GALGANT (CITRUS FRUIT, FINE NEEDLES, PEPPER) / VIOLET ROOT (EARTH, FLOWERY) / GREEN CARDAMOM (SPICY, SWEETY, SPICY, FRIED, SPARKY FRIED, FRYED, TURZY) LEMON PEEL (FRUITY, BITTER) / ORANGE PEEL (SWEET, BITTER) / SWEET WOOD (Liquorice) Two botanicals should be kept secret. All ingredients meet the organic standard and come from sustainable cultivation (FairTrade). The peel of the lemon fruits are exclusively fresh - no dried goods are used. Translated by Google Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Company: Gin Manufaktur Aarau

Distiller: Brennerei Lüthy

Alcohol Percentage: 43.0%

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