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Dr Beak Gin
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Dr Beak Gin
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The New Zealand Premium Gin consists of thirteen hand-picked botanicals, twelve of which are grown in New Zealand. Dr. Beak creates a bold but balanced premium gin that will take you on an intrepid journey, awaken your senses and expand your taste horizon. The company is based in Martinborough, where all the basics are created and recipes are developed. The gin is distilled in small batches at an artisanal distillery in Marlborough, New Zealand. Only botanicals are used that are grown in New Zealand and obtained from selected producers. By using botanicals grown in New Zealand, the footprint can be kept small and the locals are naturally supported. The goal is to one day create a gin with botanicals from a single location. To achieve this, juniper and a range of other botanicals are currently being planted on its own property in Martinborough. Translated by Google Translated by Google

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Company: Dr Beak

Distiller: Ramsbury Brewing & Distilling Company Ltd

Alcohol Percentage: 48%

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