København Pink Gin Recipes

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København Pink Gin
+ Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water + Pomelo/ Grapefruit Pink
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København Pink Gin

København Pink Gin a distillery making a name for itself with both classic gins and a wide range of flavoured variations, turns its eyes towards pink gin with this punchy number. A soft pink hue belies the massive grapefruit zest nose, which softens with fruit jellies and a touch of lime. A quick neat sip shows the spirit to be smooth and creamy and the citrus aromas to be very punchy – but this isn’t a sweet gin, per se. Suitably expanded with tonic, ice and a pink grapefruit wedge garnish, this is summer in a glass. Chase’s ability to extract indecent amounts of fresh, zesty grapefruit and pomelo peel and put them in your glass is nothing short of impressive. The bottle is inspired by traditional pharmacy bottles, a premium and distinct look that captures the simplicity and minimalist design heritage of Denmark.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Denmark

Company: Nordic Gin House

Distiller: Nordic Gin House

Alcohol Percentage: 37.5%

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