Silent Pool Distillers Platinum Celebration Edition Recipes

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Silent Pool Distillers Platinum Celebration Edition
+ Premium Elderflower Tonic + Wine White + Honey

A stunning one of a kind bottle for a once in 1,000 year occasion. We never anticipated anything significant enough to convince us to change our iconic bottle design, but for a celebration as special as the Platinum Jubilee, it only seemed fitting to produce a very, very limited release. Enjoy aromatic peach caressed by floral notes, subtle layers of juniper, delicate hints of tea giving way to light rose notes all the while underpinned by bright, citrusy pepper. We will never see such an occasion again so please join us in this celebration. We couldn’t think of a better tribute to Britain’s longest reigning Monarch, we hope you agree. Cheers your Majesty!

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company: Silent Pool Distillery

Distiller: Silent Pool Distillery

Alcohol Percentage: 43.0%

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