Slingsby Navy Strength Gin Recipes

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Slingsby Navy Strength Gin
+ Pomelo/ Grapefruit Pink + Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic
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Slingsby Navy Strength Gin
+ Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water + Lemon Zest
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Slingsby Navy Strength Gin
+ Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water + Pomelo/ Grapefruit Pink

At 57% ABV, Slingsby Navy Strength continues the tradition of the Royal Navy’s ‘proof test’, whereby gunpowder can still ignite if gin is accidentally spilled upon it. The citrus from the grapefruit is more pronounced and once the citrus has mellowed, it allows the softer and earthier botanicals to become more dominant. Tasting Notes: Once the citrus has mellowed, the softer and more earthier botanicals become a lot more dominant, adding a savoury note which balances out the palate. A reduction in Harrogate spring water allows some of the less featured botanicals, jasmine and green tea, to take on a more dominant presence. The mellowed juniper and subtle vanilla profile, paired with liquorish root allows for a subtle and sweet finish. Translated by Google

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Navy Strength Gin

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company: The Spirit of Harrogate

Distiller: The Spirit of Harrogate

Alcohol Percentage: 57.0%

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