BDCo. Miss Maple Gin Liqueur Recipes

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BDCo. Miss Maple Gin Liqueur
+ Cinnamon Stick + Orange
1 Reviews
BDCo. Miss Maple Gin Liqueur

Miss Maple, the superb harmony of Gin and Maple. A delicious balance of sweet and dry, it’s the perfect indulgent tipple. Before dinner, after dinner, maybe mid-afternoon or just pour it over pancakes, we won’t judge! Botanicals: Maple syrup, honey brittle ginger nut biscuit, caramel almonds, dehydrated orange. Taste: Pancakes, rich creamy butter sauce, fresh citrus and jumpier spice blends gracefully with the natural sweetness of the maple syrup. Perfect Serve: Straight, Cinnamon Stick, Orange Peel.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Gin Liqueur

Country of Origin: Australia

Company: Barossa Distilling Company

Distiller: Barossa Distilling Company

Alcohol Percentage: 29%

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