Cilento Wild Coast Crafted Gin Recipes

5 Reviews
Cilento Wild Coast Crafted Gin
+ Bitter Salfa Tonica Mediterranea + Lemon
5 Reviews
Cilento Wild Coast Crafted Gin
+ Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water + Lemon

The ingredients of the gin all come from the beautiful Costa Selvaggia del Cilento. When you smell it, you can smell the scents of the Mediterranean plants along with the waves of the sea and imagine being half submerged in the turquoise water, admiring the beautiful, dramatic and intact landscape. When you try the gin, the scents explode in your mouth and linger for a long time, giving you the opportunity to analyze this complex masterpiece. The botanicals from which this extraordinary gin was made all come from the wild coast. The most important is the juniper. The juniper variety that grows along the Cilento coast is Juniperus Phoenicea with large berries that turn from green to red when ripe. This is collected directly from the trees because when they fall they dry out and lose most of their fragrance. The other main ingredients are the myrtle leaves, which are a common type of Mediterranean scrub and the berries of which are used to make another famous liquor called myrtle. The sea fennel that grows on the rocks hit by the waves is full of iodine and has a salty scent. The lemon comes from the orchards of Scario. A little salt is added to the gin, otherwise just the water from the many springs along the coast. Translated by Google Translated by Google

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Country of Origin: Italy

Company: Cilento Wild Coast

Distiller: Bespoke Distillery

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