Kessel 29 Fenchel Dry Gin Recipes

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Kessel 29 Fenchel Dry Gin
+ Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water + Basil Leaf
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Kessel 29 Fenchel Dry Gin

The Fennel Dry Gin stands out with its unique, very distinctive flavour of fresh fennel bulb. This is joined by the flavours of lemon and juniper, making the gin particularly Mediterranean in this combination.

The flavour is rounded off with other typical gin botanicals.

The Fennel Dry Gin was awarded gold by the renowned Meiningers International Spirits Award in April 2021. The expert jury awarded high points for spiciness, flavour and sophistication in particular. The Fennel Dry Gin was also described as harmonious and complex.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Dry Gin

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: Kessel 29 Destillerie

Distiller: Kessel 29 Destillerie

Alcohol Percentage: 42.0%

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