MAeCO’ Gin Recipes

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MAeCO’ Gin
+ Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water
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MAeCO’ Gin
+ Lime
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MAeCO’ Gin
+ Seventeen Contemporay Mixers - 1724 Tonic Water

MA and CO' means SEA and HILL. It is the Premium distilled Dry Gin Sibona. Which is refined with botanicals from Piedmont and Liguria, including juniper berries, lavender from Sale San Giovanni, sage, rosemary, damask rose, nebbiolo vine leaves and lemons, thyme, Pernambucco orange from Liguria, DOP Genoese basil. A gin which therefore celebrates the meeting between the hill and the sea.

Distilled with Eva natural water that flows from the highest spring in Europe at 2,042 meters.

The bottle is crafted from "wild glass" or recycled glass, resulting in a significant decrease in CO2 emissions and minimal waste of raw materials, in a completely environmental friendly way.

TASTE: Elegant, rich, full-bodied and with an excellent balance between citrus and floral notes. Lingering finish that leaves a fresh taste with predominant notes of lavender, orange and lemon. This gin conveys all the unique sensations of the botanicals from the hills and the sea. 

Perfect Serve :

  • MAeCO’ Gin  with Mediterranean fever tree  Gin Tonic.
  • Pure with ice and a slice of lime.
  • MAeCO’ Gin with Schweppes Gin Tonic.  

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Dry Gin

Country of Origin: Italy

Company: Distilleria Sibona

Distiller: Distilleria Sibona

Alcohol Percentage: 42%

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