Unterthurner Sanct Amandus Sloe Gin Recipes

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Unterthurner Sanct Amandus Sloe Gin
1 Reviews
Unterthurner Sanct Amandus Sloe Gin
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The new Unterthurner Sanct Amandus Sloe Gin is the latest creation by the South Tyrolean private distillery Unterthurner, which is known for its fine brandies. The naturally cloudy sloe gin is characterized by its characteristic intense fruity note with a distinct aroma of wild boars. Its pleasantly berry note gives the noble liqueur that certain something and lets the typical gin aroma take a back seat. The Unterthurner Sanct Amandus Sloe Gin comes in an attractive 0.7 l bottle with 28% vol. And is available here in the shop. The fruity Sanct Amandus Gin from the Unterthurner distillery is used as the basis for the Sanct Amandus Sloe Gin. It is used to macerate high quality and selected wild boars. The result is a harmonious and fruity liqueur that fits perfectly into the extensive and award-winning range from Unterthurner and is described by the distillery as herbal liqueur. The harmony of the product surprises with our fruity gin and the marzipan notes of the sloes. The Sloe Gin can be enjoyed pure, but is also suitable for cocktails. Translated by Google Translated by Google

Product Details

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Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Italy

Company: Privatbrennerei Unterthurner GmbH

Distiller: Privatbrennerei Unterthurner GmbH

Alcohol Percentage: 28%

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