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1616 Gin
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1616 Gin
+ Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water + Orange

The 1616 gin is a premium gin that contains 11 other ingredients in addition to first-class juniper. All of these ingredients result in a gin that can be enjoyed pure and not necessarily as a mixed drink. After the first sip you will feel how strong the aromas of the natural herbs are. This first-class gin comes with a very strong taste, whereby it remains velvety soft in the mouth feel. The wonderfully complex aromas captivate from the first sip with hints of ripe oranges, fresh limes and a pleasantly pleasant spice, which harmoniously play with the juniper. Flavors: Nose: full of juniper and spicy aromas, with hints of ripe oranges and fresh limes. Taste: Full-bodied, complex with an oily consistency, all ingredients harmonize with each other, the juniper dominates wonderfully as the "king"! Finish: Long, the fresh spices accompany you on a walk through an oriental bazaar, with long-lasting milk chocolate, orange and juniper. Translated by Google Translated by Google

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Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Company: 1616 Premium Spirits

Distiller: Langatun Distillery AG

Alcohol Percentage: 49.12%

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