Black Rose Gin Satin Original Recipes

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Black Rose Gin Satin Original
+ Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water + Lemonade + Lime

Black Rose is a South African produced and distilled gin. Hidden in the mountains of the Cape, Black Rose Gin is beautifully crafted in a copper pot for enhanced flavor enrichment. With three variants in the range, Black Rose Satin Original, Black Rose Blush Pink and Black Rose Ruby Blood Orange. Satin Original is our take on a London Dry style gin and it’s our copper distillation and citrus soak production method that gives it such a lingering, smooth aftertaste. Perfect Serve: Black Rose Satin: 50ml Black Rose Satin, 200ml Tonic water, 10ml Fresh squeezed lime and 10ml Lemonade, garnish with lime wedges.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: South Africa

Company: Luxe Brand Company

Distiller: Luxe Brand Company

Alcohol Percentage: 43%

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