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Cape Dry Gin

Cape Dry Gin is made from a combination of classic botanicals, distilled and vapour-infused with local "Cape fynbos" found on the mountains around the distillery. Made only from natural ingredients, the Cape Dry expresses our desire to create a classic dry gin that pays tribute to the astonishing unique Floral Kingdom around us in the Deep South of the Cape Peninsula. Distilled slowly and with great care, the result is a beautifully-balanced, juniper-forward gin with a dry citrus and herbal profile. Sustainably harvested mountain buchus, supplemented by those that we cultivate at the distillery, add lovely herbal and floral aromas and flavours. This multi-award-winning gin is perfectly suited to a classic Gin and Tonic, but its versatility means that it excels in a range of cocktails from the traditional Gin Martini or Negroni, to more adventurous gin drinks like the Gimlet, the Southside (gin mojito), or even a Gin Hot Toddy for cold winter evenings. Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Angelica root, Honeybush, Cardamom, Lemon peel, Table Mountain Fynbos. Aroma: Bright pine and lemon scents underscored by soft herbaceous mountain heathers and a surprising hint of sweet spice. Palate: Flavours from across the juniper spectrum lay the base for sweet, candied citrus and herbal notes from the mountain fynbos. Finish: Sweet honeybush and a hint of pine forest woodiness. Perfect Serve: The classic dry profile of the gin makes it a perfect sipping drink, taken neat with ice and a slice of lemon. It is delicious in all classic gin cocktails, especially when enjoyed with a good quality Indian Tonic or soda and garnished with dry citrus and aromatic garnishes.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Dry Gin

Country of Origin: South Africa

Company: Deep South Distillery

Distiller: Deep South Distillery

Alcohol Percentage: 43%

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