Cape Town Classic Dry Gin Recipes

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Cape Town Classic Dry Gin
1 Reviews
Cape Town Classic Dry Gin
+ Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine + Orange Zest

The Classic Dry provides the reliable sartorial experience; a squeeze of lemon or a slice of cucumber is all that’s necessary to make this G&T an absolute winner. The Cape Town Classic Dry gin pays homage to the gins first made centuries ago. Cape Town use the classic botanicals Juniper, dried orange peel, coriander, star anise, orris root, cardamom and cassia bark, creating an extremely palatable gin with Juniper and punchy citrus notes. Enjoy neat on its own with ice or in a cocktail of your desire.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Dry Gin

Country of Origin: South Africa

Company: Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company

Distiller: Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company

Alcohol Percentage: 43.0%

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