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D GIN Red Cherry
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D GIN Red Cherry
+ Premium Mediterranean Tonic Water + Rosemary

Our D' GIN Red Kirsch reflects the hard working spirit of the region. Of the more than 40,000 orchard fruit trees, many are native cherry trees. People in Swabia give an excessive amount of their precious time to the cherry trees. As a result of this long-standing special dedication, it is not surprising that the harvest is still painstakingly carried out by hand to this day. Anyone who has ever witnessed this memorable harvest season understands the importance of this time-consuming manual work. Here everything is used to the full, not to rationalize the harvesting process, but to maintain the originality and the close connection to nature. In this way, real Swabian orchard cherries give the cherry gin its characteristic note.  

A 500 ml bottle of D' GIN contains fruit and ingredients (botanicals) from the historic Swabian orchards, which transfer the traditional values of fruit growing and the era of master distillers into modern times. The essence of this gin is derived from fruits, herbs and spices that thrive at the foot of the Swabian Alb. The distillation takes place in a copper kettle, which is operated by a regional master distiller and draws on the decades-long distilling tradition of his grandparents and great-grandparents.  

The D' GIN RED Kirsch is made from a total of 13 botanicals (ingredients), with more than 8 of them coming from the fields, orchards and forests of the Swabian Alb. The striking red color of this gin is created by flavoring with the heart of our orchards, namely the locally harvested cherries. In combination with another 12 ingredients, the result is a unique taste of Swabian origin.  

The aroma first reveals a subtle juniper scent, followed by subtle citrus aromas and a hint of cherry. On the palate, the gin is slightly sour and ends gently with refreshing cherry notes.  

Bottled in traditional bottles that honor the character of the beautiful and robust landscape, a cherry gin matures that carries the hard work of the harvest.   

Perfect Serve :  D GIN Red Cherry + Premium Mediterranean Tonic + Rosemary

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Dry Gin

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: D Gin

Distiller: D Gin

Alcohol Percentage: 42%

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