Elephant Aged Gin 2018 Recipes

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Elephant Aged Gin 2018
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Elephant Aged Gin 2018

The limited edition of the Elephant Aged Gin is based on a 100% rye distillate, in which the structure, the sharpness and the fruity character of the premium grain are used. The alcohol volume transfers the aromas of the botanicals and maintains the characteristics of the oak wood. The result: A rye-based Premium Elephant London Dry Gin with 52% alcohol by volume matured in oak with an emphasized softness, additional gentle sharpness, a sweet smokiness and a slight trace of vanilla. The basis of the handmade gin is the Elephant London Dry. Experiments were carried out with various levels of maturity of the London Dry to increase the softness and complexity of taste - he was always careful to ensure that the gin-typical, powerful juniper note remains. 14 different herbs, fruits and roots, partly of African origin, are also used in the “Aged”. In order to intensify the aroma and to keep it constant even after the "aging process", the quantity of botanicals is significantly increased. The Elephant Aged Gin achieves the ideal blend through the use of three different types of oak wood and around one year of aging. Translated by Google

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Reserve Gin / Barrel Aged Gin

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: Elephant Gin GmbH

Distiller: Elephant Gin GmbH

Alcohol Percentage: 52.0%

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