Elephant Aged Gin II 2019 Recipes

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Elephant Aged Gin II 2019

After the successful launch of the strictly limited Elephant Aged Gin (52%) in 2018, Elephant Gin is launching another 4,000 bottles of its Aged Edition. The additional finish in Botucal brand rum casks ensures an extended aroma and delights the connoisseurs among gin fans. The Elephant Aged Gin is based on a 100% rye distillate, in which the structure and the spicy-strong character of the premium grain are used. The same botanicals are used that the Elephant London Dry is known for, only in a higher concentration to intensify the aroma and maintain it despite the "aging process". During a one-year maturation period in a total of three different types of oak wood, the focus of the maturation process is on a juniper-ripened taste and the distinctive freshness of the gin. The result: a pronounced softness, gentle smokiness and a pleasant hint of vanilla. The final storage in Venezuelan Botucal rum casks gives the Aged Gin a warm, sweet caramel aroma and thus its final aromatic touch. Design: The bottle design is distinguished by a black label with gold embossing and emphasizes the exclusivity of this limited edition. As always, the labels are handwritten and show the vintage and bottle number of the aged gin. Tasting Notes: Smell: The nose initially picks up on typical juniper notes. Woody and smoky notes typical of oak can be perceived. In addition to the spicier facets, a clear sweetness and fine vanilla aroma also emerge. Taste: The aging of the gin is clearly noticeable on the palate: the tongue recognizes an incredibly soft texture and finally a gentle sharpness. In addition, there are both sweet and smoky aromas, which harmonize wonderfully within the flavor composition and are accompanied by a light citrus note. The final storage in Venezuelan Botucal rum casks gives the Elephant Aged Gin a warm and sweet caramel aroma. As with all of its products, the company donates 15% of the profits from every bottle of Elephant Aged Gin II sold to partner foundations in Africa that work to protect the African elephant. Translated by Google

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Reserve Gin / Barrel Aged Gin

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: Elephant Gin GmbH

Distiller: Elephant Gin GmbH

Alcohol Percentage: 52.0%

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