Elephant Gin Coffee Liqueur - Wake up Elephant Recipes

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Elephant Gin Coffee Liqueur - Wake up Elephant
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Elephant Gin Coffee Liqueur - Wake up Elephant
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The inspiration for a coffee liqueur came during a late afternoon "cold brew" coffee in a small Berlin coffee roastery, a time when founder Robin Gerlach would actually order a gin and tonic.

The idea of the "Wake up Elephant" was born: a coffee liqueur for an extra kick of energy and taste for gin and coffee lovers alike, because what is too late for one is too early for the other. So, in a combination of traditional distillation and modern technology, the Elephant Gin Coffee Liqueur was born.

The basis is formed by: Elephant Aged Gin, fine coffee distillates and cold-brewed coffee based on carefully selected Arabica coffee beans with flavours of brown sugar, nougat and cranberry. 

Elephant Gin uses the complex process of vacuum distillation to preserve the aromatic complexity of the coffee beans. In the composition, the coffee distillates produced meet a "cold brew" version of the same beans and the Elephant Aged Gin, which perfectly matches the coffee due to its vanilla flavour profile. Brewing the coffee with cold water dissolves the acidity and bitterness in favour of a mild and fruity taste.

With 25% ABV and a refined balance of sweet and stronger flavours, the liqueur has its very own characteristics. The fine ingredients and full-bodied aroma make it not only an absolute pleasure, but also a great rival for any dessert.

15% of the profits from each bottle sold go to foundations that work to protect African elephants.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Gin Liqueur

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: Elephant Gin GmbH

Distiller: Elephant Gin GmbH

Alcohol Percentage: 25.0%

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