Frakmont Gin Recipes

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Frakmont Gin
+ Swiss Mountain Spring Ginger Ale + Orange Zest
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Frakmont Gin
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Frakmont Gin
+ Le Tribute Tonic Water + Juniper
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Frakmont Gin
+ Swiss Mountain Spring Classic Tonic Water + Blueberry + Mint

The Frakmont - Lucerne Dry Gin inspires with its fine, classic juniper taste, the light citrus note and a finish which is refined by the clear mountain water. The local herbs, which also come from the foot of the Pilatus, come into their own. The crisp, harmonious note of rosemary brings the legend to life with a touch of ginger. A mystical piece of Lucerne in all your senses. FRAKMONT ALSO KNOWN AS PILATUS The imposing rocky crown of Pilatus makes the mountain look fragile. And so it came about that the mountain was previously called Mons Fractus, which means nothing less than “the broken mountain” in Latin. The people in the Pilatusland preferred the colloquial “Frakmont”. And so the name of our gin came about, which is nothing more than the earlier name of Pilatus. The local mountain Pilatus and its legend There have always been reports of sagas and legends surrounding Lucerne's local mountain. It is said that the spirit of Pontius Pilate, on Frakmont, could not find its final resting place. Or that the stormy thunderstorms from old Lucerne should have come from Pilatus, in case the kite was annoyed while climbing the mountain. One of the stories people remembered best was one of the stories that was told by all of them. The legend of the Pilatus dragon and how the courageous farmer Stämpfli ingested the enchanted dragon stone. To honor this legend, we developed the Frakmont - Lucerne dry gin. Translated by Google

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Country of Origin: Switzerland

Company: Swiss Drink Experience GmbH

Distiller: Distillerie Studer & Co AG

Alcohol Percentage: 40.0%

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