Höllenhund London Dry Gin Recipes

3 Reviews
Höllenhund London Dry Gin
+ Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water + Mint
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Höllenhund London Dry Gin
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Höllenhund London Dry Gin
+ Swiss Mountain Spring Classic Tonic Water Zero + Lime Zest
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Höllenhund London Dry Gin
+ Swiss Mountain Spring Rosemary Tonic Water + Rosemary + Pepper Pink
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Höllenhund London Dry Gin
+ Thomas Henry Tonic Water + Mint + Lime Zest
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Höllenhund London Dry Gin
+ Luscombe Light Devon Tonic Water + Rosemary + Pepper Pink

A world tour of nuances A colorful bouquet of local herbs is combined with a bouquet of pepper and a hint of exotic fruits and citrus aromas. The seductive spiciness at the beginning is followed by a finish like cool leaf dew. Simple and complex If most gins are satisfied with 7 to 12 botanicals, we use 21 in Höllenhund that are perfectly coordinated. As lovers of perfect gin compositions, we have coordinated and refined our ingredients over months. Dance of flavors For the highest level of perfection, we use so-called aroma baskets during distillation. During the distillation, the alcohol vapors flow through the filling made of juniper and botanicals, which releases their essential oils and natural aromas. You can't make a gin more artfully! Strong juniper and local herbs combine with a bouquet of pepper and a hint of exotic fruits and citrus. A slight spiciness remains on the palate, reminiscent of the legend of the hellhound. Drink recommendation We invite you to experiment with a variety of ingredients and find the perfect gin & tonic for you and your guests. The “Hellhound” with its 21 botanicals is a very broadly coordinated London Dry Gin and will support your experiments. Purists also get their money's worth - let them surprise you. Translated by Google Translated by Google

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Country of Origin: Switzerland

Company: gst drinks & events gmbh

Distiller: gst drinks & events gmbh

Alcohol Percentage: 43%

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