Le Gin de Christian Drouin Gin Pira Recipes

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Le Gin de Christian Drouin Gin Pira
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Le Gin de Christian Drouin Gin Pira
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Le Gin de Christian Drouin Gin Pira
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Le Gin de Christian Drouin Gin Pira

With this gin, the focus is on the pear. A variety of Normandy pear called domfront is combined with juniper, vanilla, lemon, black pepper and orris root, the flower that adorns the roofs of Normandy houses.

Pira is made according to the same principles as the original Le Gin; Each aroma is separately macerated and redistilled to optimize the extraction of the aromas. The distillates are then mixed before bottling.

Pira offers gourmet aromas of white fruits, black pepper and iris, always with the aromatic intensity that characterizes the characteristic gins from Drouin.

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Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  New Western Gin

Country of Origin: France

Company: Calvados Christian Drouin SAS

Distiller: Calvados Christian Drouin SAS

Alcohol Percentage: 42.0%

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