NORMINDIA Barrel Aged Gin Recipes

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NORMINDIA Barrel Aged Gin
+ Hysope Organic Cucumber Tonic Water + Orange Dried
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NORMINDIA Barrel Aged Gin
+ Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
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NORMINDIA Barrel Aged Gin
+ Seventeen Contemporay Mixers - 1724 Tonic Water + Apple Ring Dried
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NORMINDIA Barrel Aged Gin
+ Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water + Orange Dried
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NORMINDIA Barrel Aged Gin
+ Vermouth red (sweet) + Blue Curaçao Liqueur + Lemon Zest + Apple Green (fresh)

The NORMINDIA Barrel Aged Gin is made in a copper pot still, in which the Calvados Coquerel is usually distilled. This gin was allowed to mature in barrels for 6 to 12 months after distillation. For this purpose, new barrels made of French oak were used on the one hand and ex-Calvados barrels made of American and French oak on the other. Botanicals: 15 botanicals are finely dosed for this gin and macerated before distillation, e.g. juniper, apples, oranges, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and lilies. Bouquet: A floral scent develops on the nose with hints of citrus fruits and cider. Palate: On the palate, this gin is fruity and spicy with aromas of oranges, pastries, cinnamon and juniper. The finale is soft with butter and vanilla, as well as with a pleasant fruity note. Translated by Google Translated by Google

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Reserve Gin / Barrel Aged Gin

Country of Origin: France

Company: Domaine du Coquerel

Distiller: Domaine du Coquerel

Alcohol Percentage: 44.1%

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