Sorgin Yellow Gin & Sauvignon Recipes

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Sorgin Yellow Gin & Sauvignon
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Sorgin Yellow Gin & Sauvignon
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Mixing a gin and a wine - can that work? Anyone who is still skeptical here has not yet tried the creations from the French distillery. The wine experts have set themselves the goal of integrating the popular Sauvignon Blanc grape variety into a high-quality gin. And the Sorgin Yellow Gin & Sauvignon is not the only variety with which they have succeeded. Also keep the Sorgin Gin & Sauvignon in mind as you sample your way through the creatively composed spirits from France. The Sorgin Yellow Gin & Sauvignon is based on the recipe of the original, but is characterized by the fact that it matures in barrels for a while before being bottled, taking on their warm, woody aromas. It is also the barrel aging that gives the gin its unmistakable dark golden hue. In addition to the typical aroma of barrel-aged gins, high-quality botanicals are responsible for the complex taste of Sorgin Yellow Gin & Sauvignon. Juniper, lemon and lime peel are complemented by grapefruit and the fruity-floral notes of black currants, violets and gorse blossoms. The liquid is complemented by the Sauvignon Blanc white wine distillate, which is characteristic of gin. In contrast to pure white wine, most people do not drink gin pure, but combine it with tonic water. Add a matching tonic to the Sorgin Yellow Gin & Sauvignon, which optimally supports the individual botanicals and the white wine aromas. Use a slice of the citrus fruits it contains as a garnish or take up the Sauvignon Blanc theme again with a few fresh grapes. Botanicals: gorse blossom, grapefruit zest, lime peel, black currant, violet, juniper, lemon Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Reserve Gin / Barrel Aged Gin

Country of Origin: France

Company: Sorgin Ltd 2017

Distiller: Sorgin Ltd 2017

Alcohol Percentage: 42.3%

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