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Entre Perro y Lobo GIN

Entre Perro y Lobo GIN is the expression of the terroir, aromas and flavors that imprint the enchanting essence of the untamed Caldenia region of La Pampa Argentina, the wildness of its Toay dunes, the Pampas desert and Patagonia, carefully mixed with botanicals from Europe and Asia. Entre Perro y Lobo Gin (Between Dog and Wolf) is a pure expression of life. Of the dichotomies that inhabit our being and the coexistence of "a face carved from the bottom by the fangs of fury alone, and another that dissolves in the mist of the great herds. Martín Bergia, the author of this gin, transmits to the drink his years of study of History and his love of cooking and distillation, as well as his great curiosity for wines and spirits. Tasting Notes: Its aroma is citric and somewhat herbal, when it opens it stands out with notes of pepper and butter. Its flavor has a very smooth and delicate entry. The aroma and flavor represent the duality of Entre Perro y Lobo Gin: friendly entry, with a later herbal spicy of the wolf and a synthesis of the dichotomy with an unctuous and buttery flavor that is given by the star botanist of his 14: the Calden green bean from the “Caldenia Pampeana Argentina”. Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  New Western Dry Gin

Country of Origin: Argentina

Company: Bergia Martin Sebastian

Distiller: Casa Tapaus

Alcohol Percentage: 45%

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