Magallanes Australis Dry Gin Recipes

24 Reviews
Magallanes Australis Dry Gin
2 Reviews
Magallanes Australis Dry Gin
+ Premium Indian Tonic Water + Blueberry
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Magallanes Australis Dry Gin
+ Schweppes Premium Mixer Ginger Beer & Chili + Thyme Lemon

In the vastness of Patagonia, a fleeting and at the same time eternal story is written, of an intimate and infinite nature, that masks in unfathomable mysticism the spirit of those who tried to understand it ... Magallanes arises as the tireless search for excellence and exploration of the senses. Balanced, fruity and herbal on the nose, with notes of almonds and flowers. Round in the mouth, complex flavors are presented with light smoky tones, highlighting the wild thyme collected from the Patagonian steppe. A long and persistent ending invites reflection and contemplation of the small details of life. Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Argentina

Company: Patagonia Inmensa Destilería

Distiller: Patagonia Inmensa Destilería

Alcohol Percentage: 42.0%

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