Filliers Generver Barrel Aged 8 Years Recipes

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Filliers Generver Barrel Aged 8 Years

This Barrel Aged Genever demonstrates the years of perfecting the maturation process in wooden barrels since the 1960s by the Filliers Distillery. The wood of the bourbon barrels made of American oak gives a nice vanilla aroma after eight years of maturation. This makes the pronounced juniper berry taste softer, but still remains clearly present. This genever is completely pure, but can also be ideally drunk in the mix (Belgian Mule). Tasting Notes: Warm & peppery, with a scent of vanilla and a hint of nutmeg and bitter caramel. Translated by Google

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Genever

Country of Origin: Belgium

Company: Filliers Distillery

Distiller: Filliers Distillery

Alcohol Percentage: 40.0%

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