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GIN PIEL is a contemporary Argentine gin, made in the Province of Buenos Aires. It is a distillate of Juniper Berries, Coirandro Seeds, Citrus Skins, Mace, Cardamom, Granny Smith Apple, Clove, Pepper, Lily Root, among others. Inspired by the Skin as a sensitive medium to everything that surrounds us, this gin, in his words, is «A botanical offering, exposed on sensory experiences aligned with nature and the stars. This distillate is a clear manifestation of my devotion to the purest matter and its essences. In this first product, I sought to create a gin without borders, as different as it is familiar, with bright citrus-fruity aromas and long spicy flavors in the mouth. I always wanted to achieve a strong, authentic first impact with a clear personal look on this well-known distillate ». GIN PIEL was awarded a Silver Medal in the prestigious international San Francisco World Sprits Competition where more than 3000 distilleries around the world participate. In this way, it becomes the first Argentine gin to achieve this recognition. CATA's notes Nose: Unparalleled aromatic experience, with citrus and fruit notes that refer to pink grapefruit, lime, mandarin, lemon and orange, all melted into cardamom. Mouth: Complex and intense spicy. Citric. Viscous with a good dry-sweet balance. Fruity Slightly spicy (Sichuan Pepper). Juniper present. Final: Long and persistent Translated by Google

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Country of Origin: Argentina


Distiller: --

Alcohol Percentage: 44.0%

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