mandarina dry gin

Brennerei Henrich



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The evening drives away the heat after a hot summer day. A mild summer night is announced, candlelight, a chirping pervades the silence, light food and nice company. What better way to end the day than a refreshing MANDARINA Dry Gin with its fine citrus note of mandarin, orange and ginger. And with just one glass you can get that summer feeling back even in winter. Tasting Notes: Aroma: fruit drops dusted with powdered sugar, very subtle juniper notes, lemon balm, later hints of herbs from Provence, zest of tangerine, followed by lime and some oranges, tangerine cake with almonds, Taste: Pronounced aromas of mandarin, embedded in a potpourri of hesperid aromas, tart fruit sweetness with slight bitter tones Finish: Tart-sweet with herbaceous-floral tones Botanicals: mandarin, juniper, orange, lime, thyme, ginger, grapefruit, blood orange, lemongrass, lemon balm, licorice root Translated by Google

Product Details

Country of Origin: Germany

Alcohol Percentage: 41.0%

Company: Brennerei Henrich

Type: Gin


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