THE DUKE Bartender Edition Recipes

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THE DUKE Bartender Edition
+ THE DUKE Tonic Water + Orange Zest
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THE DUKE Bartender Edition
+ THE DUKE Tonic Water + Pomelo/ Grapefruit Zest
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THE DUKE Bartender Edition
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THE DUKE Bartender Edition
+ Thomas Henry Tonic Water + Lemon Zest

The lockdown and the associated regulations have hit everyone - especially the catering industry - significantly. THE DUKE distillery, as an owner-managed company, has not been spared the effects. It was and is therefore important to move closer together and to support local companies all the more. This is how the idea of THE DUKE Bartender Edition came about. We started the application process at the beginning of March 2021 under the motto “By bartenders for bartenders”.

28 participants were selected to determine the key facts for the gin using an initial questionnaire. In the further process, botanicals were sent, a wide variety of distillates were made and shipped, and the background to the individual steps was explained in accompanying video calls with our distillers. Each participant could then create their own gin from the individual distillates. From the recipes sent in, four mixes were made from which the bartenders chose their favorites. The result is a round, harmonious dry gin in organic quality, which is ideal for mixing, but also for classic gin & tonics.

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  New Western Gin

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: THE DUKE Destillerie

Distiller: THE DUKE Destillerie

Alcohol Percentage: 42.0%

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