UNKNOWN Lands - Frontier Gin is our interpretation of the classic London Dry Gin. With its incomparable blend of juniper, pine needles, thistles and nettles, it offers a taste experience full of wildness and strength. Complemented by coriander, rosemary, lemon peel and apple, a balance is created. Rooted in the picturesque Tornow region, each sip of our gin reveals the multi-layered flavours of this fascinating area and awakens the adventurous spirit within you.

Frontier is about striving for the unknown, discovering new frontiers and expanding our horizons. It's about more than just exploring our physical limits, but also pushing beyond our own boundaries and comfort zones. We believe that sustainability and environmental protection are of paramount importance and we are committed to getting back to the roots of minimalism. We believe that this is a path to a healthier and more balanced life in harmony with nature.

Forsthaus Tornow and the surrounding area: Forsthaus Tornow is a place full of history and culture. Here on historic ground between Lake Tornow and Lake Teufelssee, the Slavs once lived and gave the place the name "Tornow" (thistle). When you walk up to the forester's lodge in the evening through the former glacial hollow of the now forested terminal moraine, you can almost taste the flavours of this special area. A whiff of adventure and discovery is in the air and you can literally feel the spirit of Frontiers.

The Botanicals: Frontier Gin is an exceptional combination of native and exotic botanicals that reflect the best of this area. The juniper and pine needles of the forest symbolise the melt water of the glacier, while the

forest clearing tell the story of the Slavs. The coriander and rosemary of the travellers coming from the south complete the blend and give the gin a touch of warmth and sun. The lemon peel gives the gin a refreshing note and the apple, symbolic of the area, gives the gin a special balance.

A sip of Frontier Gin will take you on a journey through the aromas and flavours of this region and inspire you to discover new adventures on the Frontiers yourself. Enjoy it with friends around the campfire in the evening and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of the unknown and discovering new frontiers. Welcome to the world of Frontier Gin - where adventure and discovery meet the sense of taste.

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Commonly Used:  N/A

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: UG

Distiller: UG

Alcohol Percentage: 43.5%

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UNKNOWN Lands - Frontier


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