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Burgen Gin Liqueur Mango
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The Burgen Gin Liqueur is based on the Burgen Distiller’s Cut and is refined with a fruity mango note. This makes the fine liqueur very versatile: whether as a pure enjoyment with ice, as a long drink with tonic or soda and a splash of lime juice or as an exciting mix with sparkling wine / prosecco / white wine spritzer, the gin liqueur is anything but boring. Cheers for a variety! BURGEN Gin Liqueur is super fruity and extremely versatile in drinks. The delicious and intense taste of exotic mango and the kick of juniper make it a real treat. The basis is our BURGEN gin made from the finest botanicals of the highest quality and all of this comes from the oldest distillery in the world (since 1585) in Schlitz. Tasting Notes: Nose: mango, lavender, lemon peel Palate: raspberry, mango and bitter almond Botanicals: juniper, raspberries, almonds, mango, coriander, lavender, lemon peel, cardamom, angelica root Translated by Google

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Gin Liqueur

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: Burgen-Drinks Vertriebs GmbH

Distiller: Schlitzer Korn- & Edelobstbrennerei GmbH

Alcohol Percentage: 30.0%

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