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neeka OAK
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neeka OAK
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Real barrel-aged BARREL AGED gin, which takes on the finest taste nuances of its predecessors in oak barrels and then shines with a new facet as a total work of art. The calmness in the oak barrel ensures a round taste experience and gives the neekaOAK a new UNIQUE.NON.LIKE. Character. Due to the numerous, carefully crafted processes and the gentle burning process, the primary aromas are preserved. A perfect composition of juniper distillate and oak wood result in this multifaceted gin. Translated by Google Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Reserve Gin / Barrel Aged Gin

Country of Origin: Germany

Company: neeka GmbH

Distiller: Franz Wild GbR

Alcohol Percentage: 47.2%

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