AQVALVCE Navy Strength Gin Recipes

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AQVALVCE Navy Strength Gin
+ Schweppes Dry Tonic Water

AQVALVCE dry gin is produced in two old cupper stills 100 liters size each, and from 12 different botanicals, where Juniper, Cumin, Hop, Laurel, Caraway, Coriander are the more preeminent. It improves its flavors and aromas with the time, thanks to the right recipe which has taken two years of development and thanks to the freshness of the botanicals which are distilled after 15 days of infusion. The cold distillation of Cumin, Hop and Laurel gives and ecletic yet smooth touch enhanced by natural spring water. On the nose there’s a first feeling of piney juniper then the balsamic aromas become more evident. In the mouth its texture evolves from juniper to a crispness nicely balanced by a soft bitterness. Botanicals: Juniper, Broom, Wild Thyme, Iris, Hawthorn, Rosehip, Angelica, Gentian, Cumin, Laurel, Hop

Product Details

EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Navy Strength Gin

Country of Origin: Italy

Company: Distilleria dell'Alpe

Distiller: Distilleria dell'Alpe

Alcohol Percentage: 57.0%

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