Kapriol Old Tom Gin Recipes

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Kapriol Old Tom Gin
+ Premium Indian Tonic Water + Lemon Zest

Kapriol Old Tom has a fresh, balsamic bouquet of forest mountains, reminiscent of juniper and mint with a note of pine and bay leaves. The aroma is smooth and enduring whilst the herbs are balanced by the hops’ bitterness. Kapriol Old Tom Gin has got a very little percentage of sugar, thus creating a delicate aromatic flavour. The absence of citrus fruits makes it easy to mix. In our opinion it goes well with lime and grapefruit, and results in very refreshing cocktails such as the Tom Collins. Translated by Google

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EU Classification:  
Commonly Used:  Old Tom Gin

Country of Origin: Italy

Company: Distilleria dell'Alpe

Distiller: Distilleria dell'Alpe

Alcohol Percentage: 41.7%

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